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Educated and trained with the best in New York!
Now for you in Zurich:

one-to-one lessons on Pilates apparatuses

in the Studio Pilates by see feel move, Scheuchzerstrasse 18, Zurich

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See Feel Move empowers you to achieve your goals, with personal training
and resource-oriented coaching!

Either a successful combination of both, or individual sessions – your choice!

Your job and your private life place high demands on you. The pressure of having to achieve peak performances year after year, produces stress. Your physical and mental recourses are continuously overstrained, without enough opportunity to recharge your batteries in your everyday life. Gradually these patterns compromise your health and lead to burnout symptoms.

In most cases, the possibilities to evade the sources of pressure are very limited. It is hence all the more important to equip yourself with tools and habits, which help you cope with stress and actively prevent burnouts.

Unfortunately these tools are not available in department stores, but are rather an interaction of various very individual criteria.
The main factors which influence your wellbeing are diet, physical exercise, relaxation and mental disposition.

It is our goal to harmonize those factors, and a life’s task to keep them in balance.


What can you expect from us?

The See Feel Move "Holistic Consulting Package" offers you comprehensive consulting and tailor-made, sustainable solutions.
As a result of being able to draw from several disciplines,
your situation can be analysed from various angles. Together we develop specific solutions for the fields of physical exercise, tension release and diet. The main focus of the coaching will be on identifying and activating your existing resources.

How does this work in detail? We have developed a methodical process, which is structured into 4
sessions, with clearly defined goals.

Follow the link Offer to find a detailed description of these Sessions.

The See Feel Move "Holistic Consulting Package"is a comprehensive consultation.
If desired, we also offer individual elements out of the package, and the package can of course also be extended: Offer    +41 76 595 53 73

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