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In a train, I am travelling through a continuously changing landscape, regularly I stop, in order to let people board the train, individuals and groups. Enriched they leave the train at their stop, and take along what they can benefit from, and what is good for them.


The journey is the destination. (Confucius)

It is not only my ambition to enthral people for their goal, but also for the process of reaching that goal.

Also stones that are thrown in your way, can be used to build on. (Goethe)

By enjoying your journey, having fun and also being able to laugh at yourself, taking the next step will appear easier.

Do, where you are, what you can, with what you have.  (Theodore Roosevelt)

I enjoy supporting people in identifying and using their own resources.

We can best predict the future when we shape it ourselves. (Jean Fourastié)

… and maybe today is the day when we start shaping.



  • Certified Romana's Pilates Instructor - training at True Pilates in New York
  • Certified Wellness Trainer
  • Certified Integral Coach
  • SVEB Certification AdA Modul 3 (Consulting)
  • Longstanding experience and continuous education in the domains
    of physical exercise, tension release, nutrition and coaching.    +41 76 595 53 73

see feel move